L.C. Lara
Writer & Creative Artist

About the Author

ords have always been integral to L.C. Lara's mental, emotional, and spiritual journey. From narrating daily life through impromptu song to writing pet eulogies to creating cheesy movie scripts with her sister, her childhood was full of writing. As she grew, those creative writings turned into narratives of personal revelation, academic essays, and private journal entries. As a young teacher, she shared her passion for written language with her students through read-alouds from authors such as Lois Lowry, Roald Dahl, C.S. Lewis, and Katherine Paterson, and by introducing them to individual and group journaling techniques.

Before journeying into the writing world, L.C. Lara worked as a dance instructor, adaptive behavior teacher, preschool teacher, ran a crochet business out of her home, and tutored. She holds a B.S. in psychology and special education and an M.A. in professional writing. It wasn't until she became a parent that she found the courage to step out of the teaching world and venture into the world of writing.

L.C. Lara considers herself a logic-loving creative. She loves writing sensory details and relationship/character development through action. She enjoys experimenting with POV and configured time, as well as puzzling out story organization. She craves any opportunity to learn more about the craft of writing well.

She finds joy in her faith and her family. She loves crocheting, notebook-making, being among trees, choreographing, dancing, and reading. She cares about issues that bring awareness to the mistreatment of underprivileged and unheard populations and holds a special place in her heart for children, particularly those living in abusive situations, those in the foster care system, and those dealing with mental illness.

Her heart hurts for the way we treat the Earth--its trees and animals, and for the way society stigmatizes mental illness. She feels awareness and reeducation are good first steps to improving life for our planet and those who share it. If anything she writes can help lead to positive change in our world, she will consider her career a success.

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